About us

TermoRens AS was established in 1994 in Skien by dr.ing Mr.Thore Andreassen. With their unique Thermorens cleaning liquid, they have saved their customers millions in the form of lower energy consumption and lower maintenance costs in all types of waterborne systems domestic and in the industrie.

In 2008, TermoRens AS launched the cleaning method anodic oxidation on the Norwegian market. This methode remove legionella bacterie in pipelines and tanks. It does not require the addition of chlorine dioxide, copper / silver or other biocides and save property owners large operating costs and expensive service agreements related to legionella issues. The anodic oxidation method is described today by most plumbing consultants and is the most widely used and best system for protection against legionella. In 2019, the Norwegian-developed legionella safety system LegioTerm was introduced to the market. This is also based on anodic oxidation. The product can be remotely connected and controlled over the internet and is one of the most described products by plumbing consultants for protection against Legionella. LegioTerm is now the preferred product as it is safe, modern and manufactured in Norway. It is also the “most green” product that effectively removes bacteria.

The plants do not need the addition of heavy metals or chemicals. TermoRens AS takes care of its customers’ facilities with affordable service agreements that relase time for operating personnel to other and more important tasks. TermoRens as documents via its customer network that their customers fullfill the national rules for protection against legionella.

TermoRens as works primarily preventively. Do not wait until a legionella outbreak occurs or the piping system cannot deliver before contacting us. Then it is often too late and always expensive. Our employees have extensive experience and are always ready to help you either when the problem has arisen or with good advice before something happens. We are always ready to help you with a secure and energy efficient future.

Kjell Doksrød

Sales Manager

Bjørg Helene Andreassen

CFO - Customer coordinator

André Skårdal Andersen

Service Manager

Helge Knausen

Plummer - Service and installation

Bjørn Holte

Technical Sales

Andre Mila Leonardsen

Technical Sales

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