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Termorens dissolves internal coating. All pipe systems sooner or later get internal growth in the form of rust, lime, humus, etc. Such coatings prevent heat and cold transfer in heating and cooling systems and reduce the amount of water that can be delivered in water pipes. The coating is also both a habitat and food for legionella bacteria and therefore often is the cause of legionella outbreaks.

Termorens is a concentrate that is mixed into water 10 – 20% depending on how much scale the plant contains,

Termorens removes all scale in a fast and efficient way by circulating in the plant. The coating dissolves all the way back to the liquid form and when the cleaning process is completed, the system is flushed clean. After flushing, the system is returned to normal operation.

Termorens can be used in all systems that contain water

Termorens are biodegradable and contain no toxins

Termorens is a Norwegian product produced in our factory in Skien. The product is delivered to many industries and exported all over the world.

Termorens is also sold under the trademark System cleaner, Engine cleaner, Septi Sanitary Cleaner, ThermoClean to our customers

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TermoRens Cleaning fluid

Termorens is an environmentally friendly cleaning liquid that removes all types of scale inside pipe systems and gives them full effect back.

Termorens increase the efficiency of the plants as if they were new. Payback for a cleaning job is often less than one year in heating and cooling system because of the energy saving effect.

Termorens provides large savings in energy consumption and extends the life of the equipment significantly.

Termorens is also used for cleaning in both cars and boat engines, vacuum systems and water tanks.

Termorens is delivered as a concentrate and is always in our stock here in Skien

TermoRens Gel

Termorens Gel is basically the same as Termorens liquid but in gel form.

Termorens Gel can replace sandblasting, pigging and acid washing of stainless steel, aluminum and painted surfaces which today are largely used as methods for removing rust.

Termorens Gel can be used on most metal and plastic surfaces that have got rusty. Also used on hulls to dissolve growth and dirt.

Used on caravans and motorhomes to remove impurities.

Citrus Cleaner

Area of use

A universal nature-based product for cleaning, degreasing and glue removal. Effectively removes oil, grease, dirt, asphalt dirt, ink, ink and most adhesives and wallpaper residues.

Bergnet for industrial use is also safe enough for everyday projects.

Uses information

The product is used concentrated.

Contains no acid, chlorine or petroleum based solvents. Does not corrode, and is therefore suitable for use on varnish and paint.

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