Commentary on “Miracle methods against Legionella”

But… .Norkjemi as is one of several suppliers that offer solutions to fight legionella. They also offer germ count tests to their customers that we have experienced, often thinking that they are on the safe side when these are negative. To appear neutral in this case is therefore completely wrong. The last section of the post also leaves no doubt about this.

The undersigned has worked with the legionella problem for many years. First and foremost to find a better and more practical solution than what has been on the market so far. We all know that there are no miracle cures. However, there are some sensible products and solutions that are mentioned in the article, and yes everyone has their weaknesses, and follow-up and control must of course be done regardless. Anything else would be directly irresponsible.

The reason why I react is of course that TermoRens AS’s product Anodix is ​​specifically mentioned in the article. When this is installed, it can also be confused with a “magic box” in the system, which of course it is not. It is just one of many possible solutions for removing legionella, and which of course also requires maintenance and control.

Since the author of the article herself has not familiarized herself with the product she mentions, I find it appropriate with a clarification for the readers. Anodix treats the entire hot water system continuously. The anodix anode, which consists of platinum and titanium, kills all bacteria in the “chamber”, produces a very small amount of hypochlorite and utilizes the circulation in the hot water system. It is not the modest amount of hypochlorite that kills legionella, it is the Anodix device itself that takes care of it. The hypochlorite breaks down the biofilm in the plant over time and you get a clean plant where it is not possible for legionella to multiply. When colonies loosen, these join the circulation, are killed in the apparatus and thus the process continues continuously. If you have Legionella in the system and install Anodix, you will see that the Legionella level rises in the first period after installation and then drops to 0 after a few days or weeks. This is because the biofilm breaks down and the bacteria are released from the surface they live on. The hot water in tanks and the pipe system is thus constantly treated. When the samples after installation show 0 legionella, the temperature can be lowered. The control routines continue, of course.

As mentioned, I have spent many years finding a good solution and as of today I have no doubt that this is the most optimal solution that can be offered. This is not to say that control routines and risk assessments should be abolished. These will always be important. Those of our customers who enter into service agreements are closely followed up on this, and all samples are taken at Unilabs as in Skien, which is one of the most accredited laboratories when it comes to legionella. And we take legionella samples, not germ count samples. Anodix has been on the German market for many years, received international awards and undergone many tests. To date, no legionella has been detected in any of the facilities where the system is installed (about 2000 in Germany and the Netherlands. I think it is more important to really crack down on legionella and create a safe environment, than to put a cross in the book for routine routine man do not really know if works.

Thore Andreassen
Master Plumber / Plumbing Ing.
TermoRens AS


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