Great interest in the bactericide Anodix on the FDV days

It is not long since we wrote about the new product Anodix that TermoRens as in Skien will deliver on the Norwegian market. Obviously, many have read the press release, says Thore Andreassen in Termorens as.

– We had a huge influx of interested people who had read about the system on their pages.
Municipalities, government buildings, the military, hotel chains and plumbing consultants were among the many interested parties who both placed orders on site and who wanted inspections around various facilities.

Anodix is ​​special because it does not require extensive maintenance and does not release any chemicals or heavy metals to the water. Compared to other methods, the system is unique. Termorens as therefore guarantees 100% legionella security where Termogens installs and takes the follow-up responsibility. Here the company has the full support of the German manufacturer. The system consists of a unit that is installed in the system, preferably on the hot water circuit, but can also be installed on the entire water flow. The water passes through a pipe-in-pipe system with a titanium anode. The oxygen radicals formed here cause bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae to oxidize.


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