Legionella bacteria are killed here!

The Legionnaires’ bacterium has gradually become known and feared in this country. Large and small eruptions have claimed human lives. Anodix, a system that kills legionella bacteria, has been installed at several thousand plants in Germany with successful results.

The company TermoRens as in Skien has for several years followed the development of the German product Anodix. The system is simple and the supplier guarantees a legionella-free environment with such installations.

Simply explained, this consists of a specially developed and patented electrode package (tube in tube form) which is installed in the plant. The oxygen radicals that occur on the anode surface cause an oxidation of the flowing bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae, and thus these are completely eliminated. The characteristic biofilm in which bacteria thrive is broken down.

The system prevents the bacteria from building strong biofilms, a kind of society where millions of bacteria work together. Such biofilms are resistant to bactericidal agents and are difficult to remove.

The supplier in Germany provides a guarantee against legionella in plants where Anodix is ​​installed.

The advantage of the plant is that you do not add chemicals or add to the water any kind of heavy metals as in several other types of plant.

Measuring the legionella bacterium in the plants has so far been time-consuming. A meter has also been developed that does this job in about 4 hours. The prototype has given very promising results and the device will hopefully be on sale next year.

– Anodix has undergone very extensive tests in Germany. Where Anodix is ​​installed, it is no longer possible to detect legionella bacteria, says Thore Andreassen, plumbing engineer and general manager of TermoRens as.

He says that many large hospitals and public buildings have installed Anodix and at the NATO airport in Buchel, measurements have been made after the facility was installed, with results as expected.

Anodix is ​​easy to install and TermoRens as can maintain the facilities for customers.
The facility is delivered in three sizes and covers everything from detached houses to large buildings such as hotels, hospitals, housing associations, etc. The facilities are also intended for industry, shipping and offshore. A great need for anti-legionella systems is cooling towers where most outbreaks have taken place.

Anodix will be shown at the FDV days (Administration, Operation and Maintenance) at Lillestrøm from 29 to 31 October. Wolfgang Streele, who has developed the product, will also meet here with general manager Thore Andreassen in TermoRens as.


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