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Legionella is a group of bacteria that can cause Legionnaires’ disease. Legionnaires’ disease is an infectious disease that is similar to pneumonia but is a Pontiac fever. It is transmitted via aerosols by inhalation (drops / water vapor), often from cooling towers, showers, humidifiers, etc. Legionella have the best conditions  between 20 and 50ºC, which means that our lungs provide the best living conditions for further growth. Similar to the temperature in water pipes and the bottom of boilers.

Legionella is found naturally in soil and is therefore a threat everywhere in untreated water. In the consumer network (maine pipeline), there is biofilm that is a breeding ground for bacteria, and even with traditional methods such as hot water rinsing and chlorination of shower heads, you will not get rid of it. TermoRens has since 1994 worked to remove the scale and biofilm the bacteria is living in and eliminate these with Termorens cleaning liquid. The bacteria die after only a short contact with Termorens, but when we use Termorens for remove bacterias we let the liquid stay in the pipes for some hours. This because we then also remove the scale like iron oxide, calcium, biofilm etc. In this way the water pipe also can deliver full pressure again.

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TermoRens as also supplies all types of plants to permanently remove legionella bacteria in all types of buildings. The methods used are anodic oxidation, chlorine dioxide and copper / silver. We prefer to deliver anodic oxidation that is most efficient and does not require additives. We have completely abandoned UV systems as these are not effective enough against legionella.

TermoRens as offers property owners a complete solution for legionella security and follow-up that satisfies the requirements from FHI.

TermoRens as takes care of pr. date legionella hedging in more than 1000 buildings. These include hospitals, nursing homes, schools, sports halls, office buildings, hotels, kindergartens, ships and offshore installations.


LegioTerm is the newest and most effective product on the market to remove legionella bacteria and other bacteria.

LegioTerm does not require any additives such as heavy metals, chemicals or other biocides to remove the bacteria

LegioTerm is manufactured in Norway and based on our long experience in this segment over the past 20 years.

LegioTerm is equipped with a “modbus” for connection to alarm systems and can, if desired, also be rigged for remote monitoring.

LegioTerm can be adapted to all types of onshore and offshore facilities

LegioTerm is the best solution on the market today. Best effect, no expensive additives, inexpensive in operation, reasonable service agreement and long shelf life.

The facilities can be both bought and rented


Anodix is an effective system against legionella. The system consists of an oxidation chamber with anodes, electronics and a flow sensor.

Anodix uses the anodic oxidation method

Anodix requires no additives and has been on the Norwegian market for 15 years. There are more than 500 facilities around Norway like schools, hospitals, old peoples home, office buildings, sport halls etc

Klordioksid Geno Baktox Mrx/RX/X

TermoRens as supplies the Geno Baktox MRX / RX / X system for legionella removal using the chlorine dioxide method. The chemicals sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid are dosed into drinking water with the help of a dosing pump and the composition eliminates the bacteria continuously. The chemicals must be added continuously in main pipeline into the building. There are strict rules for the use and storage of these chemicals. It must be handled only by authorized personnel.

TermoRens as can deliver this type of system in all sizes with different equipment levels. The products are manufactured in Germany

TermoRens Cleaning Liquid

Termorens consentrate is a biodegradable product completely free of toxins.

Termorens removes all types of coatings inside pipe systems and gives them back full effect

Termorens extends the life of equipment such as boilers, cooling machines, heat exchangers, radiators, underfloor heating systems, heating and cooling batteries, cars and boat engines, water heaters, etc. for many years.

Termorens removes all bacteria in the system with a short exposure time

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