LegioTerm is the newest and most effective product on the market to remove legionella bacteria and other bacteria.

LegioTerm does not require any additives such as heavy metals, chemicals or other biocides to remove the bacteria

LegioTerm is manufactured in Norway and based on our long experience in this segment over the past 20 years.

LegioTerm is equipped with a “modbus” for connection to alarm systems and can, if desired, also be rigged for remote monitoring.

LegioTerm can be adapted to all types of onshore and offshore facilities

LegioTerm is the best solution on the market today. Best effect, no expensive additives, inexpensive in operation, reasonable service agreement and long shelf life.

The facilities can be both bought and rented

LegioTerm is produced in Norge

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LegioTerm® Description

LegioTerm® LT6 sketch

LegioTerm® LCU User manual

LegioTerm® Calibration

Termorens All-In-One

LegioTerm® Techical spesifications

LegioTerm® Modbus

LegioTerm® LT 6 EndUser Manual v501

LegioTerm® Static IP

LegioTerm er å finne på

  • Schools, hotels and officebuildings
  • Hospitals, nursing homes and care centers
  • Housing association
  • Oil platforms and ships

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