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Independence is something states fight for and people praise it as something particularly valuable. Here, Thore Andreassen comments in Termorens legionella discussion:

We are all independent suppliers or….? Can we who sell products and solve problems for our customers also call ourselves independent, and if so in relation to what? Other suppliers? The customers? No I do not think so.

Norkjemi and Termorens have a common customer group – city owners who risk getting legionella. When a new and interesting product against legionella comes on the market, would it not be natural for an independent company to look at this solution on the roads of its customers when you do not already have such a product?

Would it not be natural for TermoRens, as an independent supplier, to present Norkjemi products to its customers? Both companies have most in common. It is agreed that one can never guarantee against legionella, one agrees that all important routines and follow-up must be done. It is agreed that one must relate to FHI’s supervisor where it is stated on page 42 with highlighted writing: “It is the facility owner’s responsibility to ensure that their facility is not contagious”

Our responsibility is to ensure that we offer solutions that make their facilities non-infectious. And that is where independence ends. As suppliers, we all have good intentions, but we also have our own products and solutions. Although many of these products and solutions are very similar, we would, if we hate to admit it, prefer to sell our own products and solutions. That is what we live by and that is what is called running a shop. We all depend on it to survive as private entrepreneurs.

Thore Andreassen


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