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Experts on cleaning of all types of piping systems, legionella protection and energy saving.

Cleaning of pipe systems

Pipe system cleaning is a neglected area. All piping systems need to be cleaned and maintain optimal performance.

This applies in particular to heating and cooling systems, domestic water pipes, heat exchangers, etc.

TermoRens as is a manufacturer of the most efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning fluid on the market.

And we have over 25 years of experience in the field.

Legionella protection

TermoRens as is one of the few companies in Norway with broad expertise in legionella insurance.

TermoRens as delivers coupled solutions for legionella security to Statsbygg, the Armed Forces, counties and municipalities at hospitals, schools, retirement homes, office buildings etc

TermoRens as assists with both legionella outbreaks and preventive measures

TermoRens as takes care of legionella insurance for almost a thousand buildings in Norway

Energy saving

Since 1994, TermoRens as has cleaned all types of pipe systems with its self-produced biodegradable product Termorens. No other measure provides a faster saving of energy than removing coatings inside pipe systems.

A coating of only 0.2 mm can increase energy costs by 10%

TermoRens as has broad expertise in cleaning all types of plant and equipment and performs assignments both at home and abroad.

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Norwegian quality

TermoRens AS is the only company in the world that can solve such problems with such an environmentally friendly product in one and the same operation. We deliver our products all over the world and are constantly looking for partners abroad.


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TermoRens as always guarantees good results

TermoRens AS was established in 1994 and is one of Norway’s leading companies in the fight against legionella and cleaning of pipe systems.

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