TermoRens cleaning fluid enters ISH in Frankfurt with hopes

TermoRens AS will be represented during the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt this week and general manager Thore Andreasen the company has high hopes of making the product further known in the European market.

– We now export the cleaning fluid that we produce to Germany, but visitors from all over the world come to the fair. Consequently, there is an enormous potential internationally, says Thore Andreassen to vvs-forum.no.

TermoRens AS will use approx. 100,000 kroner at the Frankfurt trade fair. In addition, there is travel and accommodation, so it costs money, but whoever dares nothing wins, Thore Andreassen is optimistic.

Good starting point
– I still have the benefit of attending a trade fair that has not paid off. This is exciting, Andreassen believes.

TermoRens AS is exhibiting together with the manufacturer in Germany, Anodix. Anodix will be sold throughout Scandinavia, the Baltics and England through TermoRens AS. In this sense, TermoRens AS will meet many from these countries, among others.

– We have never done anything special to market our product outside Norway, but we do export something today, so we have a good starting point for increasing sales. The customers we have gained have come via the reputation exchange.
Prima liquid

Thore Andreassen in TermoRens AS points out that approx. 10-15 percent of the building stock in Norway has waterborne heat. In Europe, up to 80 percent of the buildings have waterborne heat, so there is a huge potential for export here. – We sell 50-70,000 liters in little Norway. One can only dream of what sales can be out in Europe, says Andreassen, who knows that the quality of the cleaning fluid is excellent. He has been working with the liquid since 1994.


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