TermoRens has delivered legionella protection to the new National Museum in Oslo

We have delivered the latest in legionella security, Legioterm, at the National Museum in Oslo. This is a prestigious building and we are proud to have received this delivery, says Thore Andreassen, general manager of TermoRens as.

Caverion, which won the contract for electrical, pipe and ventilation at the National Museum, has been responsible for the installation.

Many tests
Legioterm has undergone several tests in the last year in various municipal facilities, and has passed these with flying colors. Production and marketing will now be in full swing, says Andreassen.

The actual development of the product started in the autumn of 2016, and the company received support from Innovation Norway for the project.

– The challenge has been the development of the data card itself, which is the brain of the product. We have spent about 2.5 million kroner to develop it according to our wishes. Now everything can be remotely controlled if desired; for example, adjustment for conductivity in the water and current to the anode. The oxidation chamber itself is shaped so that there is no longer room for air pockets. This is also fully molded with minimal possibility of leaks, he states.

Anodic oxidation
Legioterm is based on anodic oxidation, which means that you do not add additives of heavy metals and chemicals to remove the bacteria.

– The system is mounted in a bypass on the water intake in the technical room and covers the entire building. It is connected directly to the SD system and can be monitored via the network.

TermoRens as also supplies plants based on the methods copper / silver and chlorine dioxide, but recommends the method anodic oxidation.

– It is quite simple because the experience gained here over many years as a supplier shows that this is simpler, cheaper and more efficient than plants that require additives. All methods are effective, but additives become very expensive over time for the customer. In addition, copper and silver plants emit heavy metals that are stored in the body, he claims.

Hotels and cruise ships
Andreassen is pleased that they have also received a very good response from customers abroad.

– Partners of TermoRens as in both Dubai and Spain have placed orders, and Korea is underway. Here, there are hotels that are initially the customers, but it is now fully operational, including in hospitals. In addition, we have been contacted by a couple of large cruise lines that want legionella insurance without additives.

Andreasssen believes that the potential for the product is very large worldwide, both at sea and on land, as similar products are not available on the market.

– We are exhibiting the product for the first time at the Operations Conference on the Kiel ferry in October, and we look forward to seeing where this ends, he says.


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