TermoRens with a two-year “legionella agreement” with Entra Eiendom

TermoRens AS has signed a two-year framework agreement with Entra Eiendom, and TermoRens AS has an option for another two years. Good quality and low price made the difference when TermoRens AS secured this large and important agreement, which saves Entra Eiendom many hundreds of thousands of kroner a year.

– We usually have half the price of the competitors and as long as we ensure customers high quality, we are often preferred. We are of course happy with this large agreement with Entra Eiendom, says general manager of TermoRens AS, Thore Andreassen to www.vvs-forum.no.

Entra Eiendom is one of Norway’s largest property owners in Norway and has approx. 150 large buildings around the country.

– We will map all the buildings and will be responsible for administrative routines for, among other things, legionella control, says Andreassen.

Favorable price
Price was thus an important criterion when TermoRens was chosen, but the quality of the work related to mapping / risk assessment and flexibility to work with Entra’s FDV web was also crucial. TermoRens AS follows the principle that they invoice all their customers only for time spent on mapping and reporting. This has a positive effect on customers. Fixed price usually turns out to be unreasonable from a financial point of view for customers.

The CEO of TermoRens AS, Thore Andreassen, is satisfied that the company has secured a two-year agreement with Entra Eiendom.

– I can mention that a hotel in Oslo paid 52,000 kroner for mapping and approx. half for the service agreement. We are located at approx. NOK 14,500 for mapping and NOK 9,500 for service, Andreassen points out.
Entra Eiendom will save several hundred thousand kroner on the new agreement and it will increase sales and earnings for TermoRens AS.

Has had success
– The goal is to map and not least uncover risk zones for legionella in technical facilities and in rooms with installations that are rarely or never used. All risk points are documented with photos and a full report is made for the building.
The report concludes with an action plan and operating routines for the building.

TermoRens AS’s work ensures property owners continuous supervision of the facilities and a possible legionella outbreak will be detected early, so that something can be done about it quickly.

TermoRens AS was established almost twenty years ago in Skien and has had great success with its products, Anodix and Termorens, which, among other things, involve removing coatings inside pipe systems.


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