The termorens has a presence in all sectors

TermoRens as has been exporting its products for more than 25 years and currently has a presence in more than 20 countries worldwide.

We can help you with: Technical advice, delivering products, service agreements, inspection and cleaning.

All of Termorens‘ products are 100% biodegradable and contain no toxins.

TermoRens as complies with the strictest quality requirements worldwide.

Termorens´ products help the public and private sectors to reduce maintenance and energy costs and extend the life of equipment and facilities.

TermoRens as offers services and products that help golf clubs, hotels, wellness and spa centers to remove limescale, rust and bacteria in facilities and water systems that make these safe and save large operating costs.

Termorens is used to improve the efficiency of companies that operate oil plants and transport as well as the distribution of crude oil.

We carry out turnkey projects for public administrations and for the most important shipping, oil and industrial companies.

In the offshore industry, our products and services are present in marinas, yacht clubs, shipping companies, shipowners and for maintainers.

As we see, our products can remove limescale, nitrates, rust and bacteria from all types of installations or water systems with products that respect the environment of all industrial companies, enterprises or government agencies.

Get in touch with Termorens AS.

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