Customer portal

TermoRens customer portal ensures that you are always up to date and have everything in order in relation to the requirements for Legionella insurance from FHI.

The mapping / risk analysis of the building is posted on the customer portal. This is updated once a year in accordance with the regulations. If there is any change in the building stock during the last year that affects the risk analysis, this is entered.

The risk analysis contains all necessary information about the building that relates to legionella protection.

There are also requirements from the authorities to take regular water samples. The results of all water samples are entered continuously as they are analyzed. If necessary, the customer is notified.

If the building has permanent legionella protection, all service reports are also entered here.

The risk assessment can be obtained in a booklet, PDF file on the customer portal or both.

Customer network is documentation that you have everything in order in relation to Legionella security.

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