Aqamax dosage pump

Aqamax dosing pumps are practical and use for cleaning simple radiators, boilers, pressure coils, simple courses in heating and cooling systems, heating and cooling batteries, water heaters, heat exchangers and much more.

Aquamax is light in weight and easy to use. Coat on top that prevents spillage of residual liquid in the hoses during transport. Handsome and take with you in the service car.

Aqamax can also be used to dispense glycol and other liquids into plants that require additives

Cars, boats, caravans and caravans need Aquamax to clean heating and cooling circuits

We always have Aqamax Evolution 20 in stock

See the brochure by clicking on documentation at the top of the page.

Aqamax dosage pump - Brochure

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