Dosage pump Pro

Dosing pump TR Proff JP 5 is developed and made for cleaning with our product Termorens. This is a solid pump with 4.5 bar pressure and 45mVs. The pump is excellent and can be used on larger jobs such as larger steam boilers and for dosing into large systems.

TR Proff JP 5 is equipped with its own heating element of 5 kW which provides faster cleaning effect. Can be delivered in both two and three phases

Proff JP 5 is made entirely of 316 stainless steel

Proff JP 5 can also be rented from us

Technical: H 109 W 45 Total depth 78 Depth tank 35 Tank volume 90 liters 3 or 5 kw one or sofas, connection 3/4 rgj.

Stainless steel material 316

Weight 70 kg

Pumpe JP
The JP pump is a self-priming single-stage centrifugal pump. The ejector with guide device is built into the pump jacket and gives the pump the very good self-priming properties. Components such as runner, pump jacket and foot are made of stainless steel, but the ejector is made of composite, which makes the pump durable and corrosion resistant.

– 1 x 220 / 230V.
– 50 hz / 3.6 amp.max.
– Capacity: Up to 84l / min. Suction height max 8 m.
– Working pressure Max 6 bar.

Proff pumpe JP 5 - Technical data

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