TermoRens AS has started exports to China and Brazil

TermoRens AS is successful with its products and now the company is in the process of exporting to populous nations such as China and Brazil. This will further increase turnover in the market.

– Among other things, we will clean one of Brazil’s largest power stations. We have good experience with this since we have done the same job for Statskraft here at home, says general manager, Thore Andreassen in TermoRens AS to vvs-forum.no.

Success is also expected in China. After entering this large market, there are many opportunities for TermoRens AS.

– In China, our liquid is used to clean clogged water pipes in high-rise blocks and there are very many of them, Andreassen says laconic.

Good prospects
The market prospects are thus good for TermoRens AS. You take new market shares all the time and double the turnover from year to year. TermoRens AS was named a Gazelle company in 2010 and after all the sun brands, the same thing will happen again this year.

– We are satisfied with the development, Andreassen states.

In the fight against legionella, TermoRens AS is also strong. Some time ago, Kongsberg Hospital installed a facility to prevent legionella. The plant was thus not installed because it was affected by the plant, but to prevent it.

New products

– All the places that have installed because they had legionella are largely rid of the problem. We follow everyone who buys Anodix against legionella closely. The building is mapped and an operating instruction and sampling plan is prepared. All this is entered on our customer network, which the customer accesses with their own username and password for follow-up and documentation, says Thore Andreassen

Several new products are on the way and a new, large collaboration agreement is underway. TermoRens AS literally sails in tailwinds when we also know that the company is strong in the offshore and shipping market.


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